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First home loan buyers: changes and who can benefit from them

First home loan buyers: changes and who can benefit from them

A new decree is being prepared by the Draghi government aimed at under 36’s. We are talking about the draft of the “Sostegni bis” decree regarding the first home loan for young people, which would offer the possibility for young people under 36 to start the procedures to take out a mortgage without paying an advance and without the need for a guarantor. As with the first home loan Gasparrini Fund, the State will guarantee mortgage applicants, but with the 100% capital guarantee

First home loan: how it works and who can apply

The new legislation forfirst home tax breakswould enter a broader program that “looks to the next generation”, as premier Draghi underlined during the illustration in the Recovery Plan. “We are one of the countries with the lowest fertility in Europe: fewer than 1.3 children per woman against almost 1.6 for the EU average. To enable our young people to form a family, we must respond to three of their requests: adequate welfare, a home and a secure job. In addition to the nursery school plan, which I have already talked about, young people benefit from measures for social infrastructure and social housing ”..

Young people under 36 can access the guarantee fund, including those who do not have a permanent employment contract and want to buy their first property. The State will guarantee for a maximum cap of € 250,000 on deeds stipulated to the 31 December 2022

Prestigious homes and the following cadastral categories are excluded from the concessions:

  • • A1 – stately homes,
  • • A8 – dwellings in villas,
  • A9 – castles and palaces of outstanding artistic and historical value.

The reliefs include the exemption from registration tax, the mortgage and land registry tax and the reimbursement of the VAT paid for the transaction.

The consequences of the first home subsidies on the real estate market

In this perspective, the benefits for young adults who want to buy their first home see a 100% state guarantee. A new encouraging forecast for young families who see easier access to the first home guarantee fund, unlike that provided for in the 2019 Growth Decree, this provides a guarantee by the State of 100% of the capital, together with the other reliefs listed above.

If 210,000 applications were registered with the Guarantee Fund established in 2014 (of which 60% from young people under the age of 35) it can be assumed that, by facilitating access to the fund, the applications will be substantial. A further input for the real estate market which is opening up more and more to that socio-demographic group that feels the need to buy a house to realize the desire to create a family, but is hampered by working and contractual conditions that do not facilitate the access to the mortgage.

Buying a house in Gaeta with the first home loan guarantee fund for young people

Gaeta is the perfect city to design a young couple’s family lifestyle and home. The tranquility of a town overlooking the sea is combined with a rapidly growing cultural liveliness and greater ease of access to services, qualities that make it a sparkling and dynamic place to live peacefully. You can choose the right area to buy a house in Gaeta according to your needs. Houses range from the most exclusive residential areas, for those who prefer a quieter lifestyle, to the historic center and the medieval district, with direct access to basic necessities.

If you are considering the idea of proceeding with the first home purchase in Gaeta, do not hesitate to contact ouragency to find out about the preliminary procedures to access the guarantee fund and answer all your doubts.