Why to choose us

An extremely skilled team will be at your side to sell, buy or rent.

Whoever chooses Delta Immobiliare entrusts his future in expert and professional hands, ensuring that the mission will be accomplished with determination and professionalism.

Delta is in the field of real estate brokerage for over thirty years, always guaranteeing a highly qualified service. Although the market is becoming more and more competitive and full of options, Delta is able to provide the maximum expertise. How? Apart from selecting the right property, it supports and advises you in the search for real estate solution, always consistent with the needs expressed in terms of location, price, quality, characteristics and much more.

Assistance will be provided from the preliminary sale agreement until the proper deed and, in case planning to take out a mortgage, the agents will take care of dealing with the Bank during the whole process. Choosing Delta means choosing true excellence in the real estate sector.

Delta Immobiliare was established in 1990 and developed from an idea of Patrizia and Simona’s mother.

For love

The family moved to Gaeta a few years ago, and at the time there were many friends looking for a house in the area, asking them for advices. It was then that their mother, noticing in Simona an innate orientation towards public relations, decided to start a business. After a few years and several experiences, Patrizia also joined the family business and as she had just graduated in Law, she decided to share her skills and knowledge acquired in legal matters.

The strength of our real estate

“I believe that the strength of Delta Immobiliare precisely lies in this complementariness.” Patrizia comments. “Simona is much more communicative and more inclined to public relations. I am more studious, precise, I put all my skills at the customer’s disposal and I am the one who takes care of the bureaucratic side. “

Both sisters are professional, dynamic, multitasking, efficient and honest. When they set a goal, they do everything to make it happen

Staff of delta estate agency delta | homes for sale

In addition to the professional side, the human side definitively stands out.

“Maybe it’s because we perform our job with passion and honesty. There is nothing like knowing that you are contributing to the fulfillment of someone’s dream. Buying a home, as well as renting, always represent a happy moment in people’s lives and it’s so good to be part of it. “

“We sell to make our customers happy. Some of them are able to perceive these aspects and we become reference point for them. “

Patrizia and Simona also demand honesty, seriousness, dynamism and efficiency from their coworkers, women only, for matters of company policy.

Delta Immobiliare is superbly run by an all-female team.

“Valeria has been part of our team since 2010. She is like a sister to us and we find our values in her. She is serious, efficient, dynamic, alert, resourceful and reliable.”

In our agency we speak English, Spanish and French.

“Although we are not native to the place, we love Gaeta, its beauties, its sea and its history. It is a city that we have chosen and we have loved from the very beginning “.

We advertise on all the main real estate portals (casa.it, immobiliare.it, idealista, trovacasa, cercacasa, subito, …) and we have a database with over 3000 requests per year. We are members of FIAIP (Italian Federation of Professional Real Estate Agents) and we are connected, at local and national level, to all the associated real estate agencies.

delta immobiliare is member FIAIP

Italian Federation of Professional Real Estate Agents
Italian Federation of Professional Real Estate Agents

Contact us at 0771 742065 or fill in a form and we will contact you as soon as possible and answer your questions.

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