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Country living: the new trend

“I want to go live in the countryside” was the refrain sung by Toto Cotugno back in 1995. A hymn to rural life that today has become more relevant than ever. A counter-trend that is gaining more and more ground, and is in contrast to that of last year which, as a result of the pandemic, saw a considerable advantage due to its proximity to central services.

The turning point of green living in the countryside

What can be traced to make the decision to go and live in the country? Paradoxically, the matrix is always the one mentioned previously. Indeed, the forced period of confinement has helped many to re-appreciate a slower and less chaotic lifestyle. Getting together around the table, preparing homemade food, and perhaps cultivating a small vegetable patch in your garden or terrace have led people to appreciate a more genuine and simple life, just like the one you might lead in the countryside.

While some have opted to move to the countryside to live, others choose it to indulge that impromptu desire for tranquillity and solitude. Knowing that you own a house in the countryside, in a private place where you can take refuge to disconnect from the everyday routine, is a bonus to be taken into consideration. Many times, in fact, we don’t need to go too far from the city to disconnect from the daily grind. Around us there are wonderful places, to be rediscovered, surrounded by greenery. The small town of Itri offers beautiful places to craft out moments of relaxation. Having a detached single-family house and land with olive treesis a great way to take a slice of nature and enjoy precious moments surrounded by greenery.

The advantages of having a second home in the countryside

Even those who do not want to move permanently to the countryside can choose to spend short periods of serenity, perhaps during the holidays when the cities are particularly crowded. In this way, staying close to the town, you can benefit from the rural tranquillity without giving up the comforts of everyday services.

Gaeta offers many possibilities for those who love the hilly landscape, but at the same time do not want to stray too far from the sea. The Monte Cristo area allows you to enjoy a beautiful view of the gulf. For those who love to delight in cultivating a small vegetable garden, or dream of building a meeting place for themselves and their family, this land with a small rustic cottage is a perfect solution.

How to choose a house in the country

Whether it’s for a second home, temporary foundation or a first home, choosing a property in the countrysideis a matter not to be underestimated. By relying on our real estate agency in Gaeta, you can be sure of buying your house in the countryside in complete safety We at Delta Immobiliare will advise you on the best renovation solutions, we will inform you of the facilities you can benefit from and take care of all the paperwork.

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