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City of Gaeta and its Gulf

The charm of Gaeta, beauty and history

The charm of Gaeta is a reality that cannot be questioned. Those who choose Gaeta, with their elegant and majestic gulf, decide to spend an endless holiday. Truly memorable will be the long walks along the wonderful beaches, as it will be impossible to forget the uncontaminated nature that embraces this town: it really has it all! A corner of paradise where you can live three hundred and sixty-five days a year, without ever getting bored. A place suitable for adults and children that in every season explodes its potential. Getting to know it better means falling in love at first sight.

What to visit? Here are some of the most beautiful places.

The Sanctuary of the Holy Trinity

There are many places of interest distinguishing this wonderful city apart from the beautiful and long beaches. Among the most appreciated monuments in the world is the Sanctuary of the Holy Trinity, better known as “Montagna Spaccata”. Located on the western side of Monte Orlando, the sanctuary is a place of worship rich in history whose stories keep on seducing tourists, curious and local people, never tired of admiring such great The Grotta del Turco then tells poems that are just waiting to be heard.

The Angevin – Aragonese Castle

Overlooking the sea, the Angevin-Aragonese Castle is set like a pearl on a ring, a fortress that dominates the Gaeta gate from the highest point of the medieval quarter. Old military prison, today the Castle is the headquarters of the “Guardia di Finanza”.

The most beautiful beaches

What could be a better stretch of coast to enjoy an unparalleled vacation than the one with the highest number of hidden wonders? You will remain speechless in front of these beaches:

  • Serapo;
  • Ariana;
  • Sant’Agostino;
  • Arenauta.

The crystal clear water, the light sand, the green and the natural bays set these beaches among the most beautiful in Italy. Destination chosen by the international cinema to shoot films and TV series, Gaeta’s seafront is a real icon. The Via Flacca, which runs along the sea, can transform a simple business trip into a romantic one.

The nature

Green and blue are the colors predominating on the Gulf of Gaeta, these colors are able to infuse peace calm even in the most tormented soul. Many are the prominent people who choose Gaeta as destination for their holidays, they love to blend in with the locals along historic streets with the power of carring you away from the stress of traffic and commitments. A city without the city. A new way of living and of reinventing oneself. Gaeta is a state of mind, a place where the sun doesn’t want to set, but when it does it enchants the world. Absent-minded travelers look towards the sea and are hit by such intense shades in such an intense way that fairytales silently unwind: it’s right then that Gaeta turns into a beautiful woman who attracts and into a caring mother who welcomes.

Formia and its history

A few steps away from Gaeta is the enchanting Formia, a true must-see location for those who arrive in the Gulf by train. Its station has been welcoming students and commuters for years. . A beautiful city full of stories to discover day after day.

A peculiarity: the climate

The famous mild climate of Formia is due to the presence of Gaeta on one side and countless hills on the other. This strategic position makes the city of Formia a perfect place to live at any time of the year.

What to visit, some of the most famous places.

The history of Formia has very deep roots as many historical figures have told it, lived it and crossed it.

The Tomb of Cicero

The tomb of Marco Tullio Cicerone, the great orator, is right on the Formian territory a few steps away from a marvelous villa probably belonged to the Roman lawyer, politician, writer and speaker.


Dominating the city is the medieval Castellone. Taking a short uphill you arrive to the best known district of the town. The name Castellone derives from “castello” (castel) as the town once consisted of twelve towers even if only two can be admired nowadays. The octagonal tower can be seen up on the hill is one of the two above-mentioned and its timeless charm brings back the beauty of the Middle Ages, leaving the tourists simply speechless.

Many other places to visit

There are so many other places that you can visit in Formia, such as:

  • La Porta degli Spagnoli;
  • The Roman Imperial Cisternone;
  • Il Muro in opus reticulatum;
  • The Roman Marina
  • • The Mausoleum of Tulliola.

Formia is the right balance for those who want to live in a city, but it is also in search of new sensational cultural adventures. Those who choose to live in Formia automatically choose history, sea, calm and the hospitality of the locals. Choose the mild climate, choose a city with a high number of schools in the area, able to satisfy all passions.

The Gulf of Gaeta: culture, wonder, amazement

It is possible to say, without being contradicted, that the Gulf of Gaeta is the most interesting stretch of coast of the entire boot. . If, on one hand, its long beaches, its narrow streets, its nature and its colors represent an ideal abode for the senses, on the other hand, it is its incredible history that arise interest even in the laziest traveler. When these aspects get together, only a wonderful love story can stem from it.