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Winter rental in Gaeta for students and off-site workers

Gaeta is not only a destination for numerous holiday makers who appreciate spending relaxing days in the picturesque setting of the Gulf, but also for those who choose to study and work a few steps from the seaside, who decide to opt only for winter rental in Gaeta.

Seasonal renting can be doubled in response to the demand of those looking for a house to rent in Gaeta for the summer, than those looking only for the winter period.

High School of Technology “G. Caboto Foundation”

Boating has always been an important sector in Gaeta, for this reason, those who want to pursue a successful career in the sector can attend the “G. Caboto Foundation” High School of Technology.


The school is located in Medieval Gaeta, inside the Palazzo della Cultura, immersed in a location where history and sacredness intertwine.

The building is adjacent to the Sanctuary of the SS. Annunziata, in the building where the institute resides there were the barracks named after the Chief of Staff of the post-unification Italian army Enrico Cosenz. After the Second World War, this place played a fundamental role welcoming the Julian-Dalmatian refugees and those displaced from the historical center.

Culture Palace Gaeta
High School of Technology “G. Caboto Foundation”

Nautical School of the Guardia di Finanza for the training of the financiers of the sea contingent.

Gaeta vecchia also offers the perfect setting to host the Nautical School of the Guardia di Finanza for the training of the financiers of the sea contingent, also specializing in the training of officers, superintendents and financiers employed in the naval field.

The nautical school is located in various locations of great historical value such as the Cavour barracks, headquarters of the Nautical School Command, and the Aragonese Castle which houses the Mazzini barracks, headquarters of the Compagnia Allievi Finanzieri.

Another site is located in the lower part of the medieval village of Gaeta. Here stands the Bausan barracks, where there is the naval training station command with training ships and the company’s specialized courses.

Faculty of Nursing of the La Sapienza University based in Gaeta

For those who intend to pursue a career in the health sector, in Gaeta it is possible to attend the Faculty of Nursing of the La Sapienza University of Rome. The headquarters are located in Via Salita Cappuccini in Gaeta, in the former Capuchin Convent which, over the years, has undergone various uses by hosting schools and institutes. From the end of the nineteenth century to 1960 it was the place of the Nautical Technical Institute, while in previous years alternating with the middle and elementary school and the Professional Institute for Marine Activities.

The convent suffered quite a lot of damage during the sieges of the city and in 1866 it lost the status of a convent. It is now home to the nursing degree course at La Sapienza University.

Faculty of Nursing Gaeta
Faculty of Nursing Gaeta

Winter season rental in Gaeta: how to choose the right house

Gaeta offers various possibilities for study and work, and many people take advantage of the opportunity to carry out these activities in a setting of the Tyrrhenian Pearl.

Those who choose to spend a period in Gaeta by taking one of the three training courses listed, have the opportunity to use only the winter rental. On our site you can view the houses for rent in Gaeta available exclusively for the winter season and choose the one that best suits your needs.