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June 2019 real estate market data | delta immobiliare

June 2019 real estate market data

How much do you get to spend today to buy or rent a property in the province of Latina?

According to the latest data, those of June 2019, the two realities that have opposed were Sperlonga and Prossedi with regard to the sale, and Ponza and Cori with regard to rents:

The Municipality of Sperlonga, renowned for being the pearl of the Tyrrhenian Sea, in June 2019, has in fact reached 5.427 euros per square meter, while the Municipality of Prossedi has registered 519 euros per square meter. Two opposing realities that must be contextualized on the basis of a fundamental aspect: Sperlonga is a purely tourist destination. In between, ranging among maximum and minimum, the other Municipalities moved for an average of 1.983 euros per square meter. In Gaeta, for example, spending was of 3,040 euros per square meter, while in Formia it was of 2,129 euros.

The above was with regards to the sale of a house, but if we look at the rental properties instead, the Municipality of Ponza with 75.10 euros per month per square meter is in first position, and in the last place the Municipality of Cori with 4,91 euros per month per square meter. The fundamental variable concerns tourism here as well. Gaeta stands at an average of 19.75 euros while Formia at 6.62 euros.

The seaside resorts are those reaching the highest peaks, while the hill towns maintain lower costs.

The general average of the sale of real estate in the Province of Latina was therefore 1.983 euros per square meter, and recorded, compared to the previous year, a decrease of 1.77%. Data long way from May 2014, when the maximum data of 2,329 euros per square meter was recorded.