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Agreements between owners and tenants to reduce rent Covid19

Agreements between owners and tenants to reduce rent, what you need to know

In a period of economic difficulty such as the current one, it is possible to request a reduction in rent for both residential and commercial premises. The owner of the property and the lessee, in fact, can enter into an agreement and both gain from the expected benefits: the tenant will be relieved of the burden of paying the full amount of the rent, and the lessor will not have to pay taxes on rent not collected

Coronavirus rent reduction, who can use it

The agreement applies to all contracts, those that provide for an ordinary taxation regime and those with a flat-rate income tax on letting/dry coupons. The important thing is to enter into the contract within 30 days of the current month to pay taxes only on the fee collected. To do this, it is necessary to enter into a temporary contract in which the two parties agree and complete Module 69. For these procedures there are no registration fees and the deed is exempt from the stamp as required by art. 10 of Legislative Decree 133/2014.

Where to find Module 69 and how to fill it out

It is possible to download Module 69 from the Revenue Agency website ”Agenzia  delle Entrate”, or by clicking directly on this link, and fill it out. Among the points to be drawn up you will find:

  • The general information of the applicant, the date of stipulation and the end of the extension
  • The data of the recipients of the legal effects of the act
  • The descriptive data of the deed (shop code etc.)
  • Real estate data
  • Additional real estate information

Once you have completed the deed confirming the agreement between the two parties and the form, both must be sent to the same Revenue Agency office where the previous contract was registered. For now, it is acceptable to send the documentation electronically, but once the coronavirus emergency has eased, it must be filed with the office in its original version.