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Luxury homes in Gaeta and surrounding areas: the most popular locations

The profile of the south Pontine coast has always fascinated and won over actors and directors who have chosen it to escape from the chaotic city life. The placid basin overlooking the Tyrrhenian Sea has been favoured, since the 1960s, by great personalities of Italian cinema, whom would stay there for a few months a year Dino Del Laurentis, Silvana Mangano and Raf Vallone, just to name a few, have chosen Gaeta and Sperlonga to buy their luxury homes overlooking the sea.

Raf Vallone’s villa in Sperlonga, valued at 4.2 million euro, has risen to the honours of the local news. A luxury villa of 480 square meters and 4 thousand meters of terraced garden, where the actor hosted friends and colleagues of the calibre of Brigitte Bardot and Marlene Dietrich.

Luxury properties for sale: the most popular areas

Not only Gaeta and Sperlonga are among the areas that lend themselves to welcoming luxury homes, there are also places surrounded by greenery, where the quiet of nature is the setting for luxury homes. At the foot of the Aurunci mountains, in the countryside of the small village of Itri, there are prestigious villas where the rustic soul meets modernity and opulence, with additional structures such as outdoor swimming pools, or personal cellars, which increase the comfort and value of the property.

Even in a more central area you can find your own “happy place”, such as in the suggestive setting of Fontania, in Gaeta, where the smell of the sea intoxicates the air, just go out into the garden of your villa to experience its ambience. Here it is possible to find luxury villas for sale where the prestige of the structures that line the beach is added with a breathtaking view.

Buying a villa in this area means investing in a real estate jewel that will acquire more and more value over time.

How to deal with the sale of luxury properties without neglecting any aspects

When planning to sell luxury homes, a particular target of buyer must be taken into consideration. The buyer of prestigious properties, in fact, has a different profile than a standard buyer who aims for a more discreet home. Consequently, even the needs are different and, to satisfy them, specific strategies must be put into practice, starting with the sales negotiation. This part, in fact, is among the most demanding as bureaucratic and specific aspects also come into play to be handled in a conscientious way.

Not to mention the initial impact, this is fundamental for luxury homes for sale. The presentation of the property must be flawless. It is essential to take care of every detail, from the photo shoot to home staging.

Luxury homes for sale: confidentiality first

Usually the owners of prestigious homes choose discretion, taking a more personalised sales path. In this sense, our real estate agency in Gaeta specializes in luxury home sales negotiations. If you need to learn more about luxury homes for sale, and rely on an intermediary to manage the negotiation, do not hesitate to contact us.