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Do you want to sell a two-bedroom apartment in Gaeta? This is the right time!

I can’t sell my house” is the phrase that has been heard more and more often in recent years. But now the music is changing, especially if you have a three-room apartment. Yes, you got it right. You don’t believe it? It has been confirmed by surveys conducted in recent years in Italy which have revealed a preference for two-bedroom apartments, then three-bedroom apartments, followed by one bedroom apartments. The parameters taken into consideration were precisely the type of house, the number of rooms, the size, the prices and the regions.

The demand for houses highlights first of all that in Italy the apartment is the type of house most sought, and more specifically, that the Italians prefer the two bedroom apartment. In fact, it is a type of home that can satisfy different types of needs, and is a good compromise for everyone.

Among other things, in recent years our company has seen numerous changes: the decrease in property prices and demographic changes have necessarily led to a change in the type of research by buyers.

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Why sell a house now in Gaeta?

You want to sell a house quickly, but the real estate market is not a topic that you can master better, and you would like to know when it is better to sell a house. Of course, one cannot fail to keep in mind that the economic crisis has given a boost to the real estate market, and even if the signs are still visible today, something is changing. So, being aware of this and the sharp drop in prices, the first question can be answered with all sincerity that the right time is now, because tomorrow a property will not be worth as much: think about it!

That said, it is more than possible to be able to sell a house now because mortgage interest rates are very low so there is an incentive to buy and a strong demand.

The time has come, I want to sell a house in Gaeta

Gaeta is going through a magical period that sees it in the spotlight: the blue flag in summer makes it preferred by many people as a summer seaside destination; the various film projects of the last two years have certainly been a beautiful showcase that has intrigued many and, to finish, the event of the “Fables of Light“, taking place in this period, attracts tourists from neighbouring towns and beyond every weekend. The chances of someone being drawn to the “two bedroom apartment for sale” ad may be very high at this point.

Another good incentive is the First Home Mortgage Fund, confirmed also this year by the Growth Decree. An advantage that facilitates those who want to buy a house and, consequently, also those who want to sell it.

Now that we have convinced you, are you wondering how to sell a house in Gaeta?

We are the answer to your question with our delta Real Estate agency. Three professionals in the sector whose goal is to accompany you towards the sale of your property, relieving you of the stress that it can entail. So what are you waiting for? Contact us for further information.