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Property evaluation: the first step to sell a house in Gaeta

When we are in the condition of having to sell a house in Gaeta, the first doubt that confronts us concerns the evaluation of the property. We begin to do broken down calculations based on wrong principles that, perhaps, make us opt for an exaggeratedly inflated price, which does not entice the buyer, or reduced, which entails an unnecessary loss of revenue.

That’s why, in this article, we will explain the useful variables to carry out the evaluation of a property as real and faithfull as possible .

Location influences the evaluation of a property

“Let’s not fool ourselves, when we choose to buy a house, the first thing that stands out is the neighbourhood in which it is located. Residential district, central or peripheral, an area overlooking the sea, redeveloped, or dilapidated: they are all terms that play a fundamental role in the evaluation of a house in general, and in the case in Gaeta”.

Simona Pilone – Administrator and real estate agent of delta Immobiliare

To get a rough idea of the real estate value depending on the position of the house, you can consult the Borsino Immobiliare. This service is reserved for professionals in the sector who want to carry out an evaluation of the property value, therefore an unregistered user can only have a data indicative of the evaluation of his property per square meter, depending on the band in which it is located.

But the illusion of being able to carry out, with a simple click, a complete online property evaluation is the worst you can imagine. Let’s see why.

Property value: how much the state of the house can influence the evaluation of a property

We introduce another point: the state of conservation, one of the main coefficients of merit, a fundamental parameter for calculating the market value of a property. This coefficient undergoes variations depending on whether the house is to be restored, renovated, in good condition, finely restored or newly built.

A building to be renovated will be penalized by -10%, while a renovated house will be worth + 5%. A renovated house, with quality materials and quality finishes, will be valued 10% more, as well as a newly built one.

Another factor of merit that should not be underestimated is the brightness. In the case in Gaeta, the owner of a house located in via Indipendenza, will have to take into account that, even if renovated, due to the internal position, he will not be able to focus on this parameter. In a house with little exposure to the sun, an important problem may be the presence of humidity which makes the home less healthy and comfortable.

A low-light apartment can be worth 5% less, while a very bright one with direct light present throughout the day has a coefficient of merit equal to + 10%.

Home evaluation: how important is size?

Certainly this point is one of the most complex. In fact, it needs an accurate evaluation which we will explain shortly. Without going into unnecessary technicalities, let’s concentrate on calculating the total value of a real estate property.

The total value of an apartment is calculated by multiplying the data of the commercial area by the price per square meter. But what parameters are used to calculate the commercial area of a property?

Let’s start with the covered area which includes the internal, perimeter and common walls which account for 50%. If we talk about the ornamental surface, i.e. the balconies, the terrace, the porch, and all those structures that act as an external appendage of the house, then the evaluation is variable, as each of them follows its own index.

Accessories how much do they affect? By accessory compartments we mean those structures such as cellars, private parking area, attic that affect more than the other factors listed.

Let’s recap the points on which we base ourselves to evaluate a property

For the determination of the probable market value of the property, we adopt the comparative synthetic estimate, taking as a technical parameter the price derived from recent free purchase and sale contracts for properties similar to the one being estimated, concluded in the same area. We emphasize “concluded“, and not “for sale”, in the same area. There is nothing more wrong, in fact, than evaluating a property comparing it to others that are for sale.

The variables that determine the value of a property are manifold: in addition to the size, the position, the exposure, the floor, the presence or absence of a lift, the internal conditions, the presence of a parking lot, the popular or elegant context, the condition of the building, etc. There are values per square meter for areas, values that must be retouched based on the quality of the property, but what has the greatest impact on an assessment, to ensure that it is real and therefore reflects the market trend, is certainly the price at to which other properties with the same characteristics were sold in the same area, a price that perfectly reflects the balance between supply and demand.

Property value – Real estate delta Immobiliare

delta Immobiliare is the service you can rely on to obtain a correct and precise evaluation of your home

In short, you will have understood that the evaluation of a property is a serious matter. So why not rely on certified professionals who are able to provide a timely and attentive service to your needs?

We here at Delta Immobiliare are at your complete disposal to guarantee you a service that lives up to your requests. Operating for 30 years exclusively in the territory of Gaeta, and in the surrounding areas, we had the opportunity to focus on the local market and to study prices by area. For this reason, we are able to offer a serious and rigorous property evaluation form, based on the intersection of various data: those of the Revenue Agency, of Borsino Immobiliare and of the data developed by comparing the apartments handled in the same area.

Do you want to sell a house? Contact us if you want to know the evaluation of your home in Gaeta, for free.